003 | au revoir

as this year closes out, we are centering our minds on thanksgiving. we always approach being thankful with being mindful of all the things that for better reason did not go our way. we would like to headline a few things that blew our minds this last year. 


-- MARRIED! | we got married on august 28 and it has been the biggest headline of our year!

-- europe | we took an epic trip to three different countries after we got married. it was an amazing experience and we are excited to start an upcoming project with it!

-- j+f | after getting married we did the most fitting thing two married artists could do. we started a business that consists of constantly collaborating in our art making process. for better or worse, we get those prints done!

-- in-habit | we collaborated with our dear friends at good manner coffee to host an exhibition at our home. we had a great turn out and a lot of fun meeting new people.

-- studio lease | before this year ended, we leased out a studio that we will officially begin using in january. we are excited to have a space where we can fully commit to creating work.

-- you | we have been encouraged and loved on by so many of you as we got married and started collaborating. we are so grateful for every cheerful call, text, hug, and purchase so many of you have gifted us with. 



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