jeremy + farrah

"we are a home based creative studio focusing on designing and printing goods for humans and their homes."

the planter

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the planter is the ideal home for your plant baby. we carefully design and paint each planter to bring out your plant's personality.


the notecard

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the notecard is fun and versatile. do you need a space to jot down a quick thought, write a cute note to a friend or write down your shopping list? the notecard has you covered.


the bag

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the bag is designed to be your go-to functional yet playful bag of the season. we use our bag for everything from holding our personal items during a walk in the city to bringing home new plants from the local farmers market.


the flag

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the flag is designed to spread good cheer. we love pairing the planter with the flag for an extra boost of cheer. we challenge you to find a fun spot for the flag in your home.


jeremy + farrah

the faces behind the name.



what's up! i tried being a fireman, an architect and a teacher, but all along i found myself creating. now i design full-time and print the rest of the day with farrah. we run our studio from home, so i really enjoy stepping out from time to time and taking my wife, farrah, out on coffee dates.



hi! i'm half of jeremy + farrah. i have a background in art education with a concentration in printmaking. these days, my main focus is printing and playing around with color. when i'm not printing, i love gardening and living life as if i am always on vacation. most often the highlight of my day is going for walks in the city with jeremy.


in the works

we are constantly juggling a variety of projects beyond designing and printing goods. take a look at our latest projects and events and keep up to date with what is up ahead.



YES! arty party is back for round two and this time it's going to be a backyard bash! arty party is exactly what it sounds like, an art party. along with a handful of other creatives in chicago, we are gathering to foster a fun and free event for all children. we will have a screen print station set up and since we are all about teaching littles from a young age about how fun printmaking is, we think you should definitely come!

  • WHEN : july 8, 10 AM - 3 PM
  • WHERE: festive collective, 3279 w armitage ave, chicago


we are thrilled to announce our very own exhibition that speaks about our very state as a couple that has decided to merge our practices as artists. WORK IN PROGRESS is an installation where we will highlight our journey from individual artists to a studio collaboration between best friends and lovers. we will also be selling a handful of fun things we have been making so yes yes yes, you should not miss out.

  • WHEN: july 15, 6 - 10 PM
  • WHERE: positive space studios, 3520 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago